Santa's Portraits Visits and Parties Celebrations and Ceremonies Additional

You can customize your Santa Claus experience! Think about your party or idea and look at some of the visit options below. Pair our imagination with your desires and traditions. Quotes are provided for each customized visit - as no two are alike. Rates are based on availability, proximity and visit content. Generally, the closer to Christmas you request Santa, the more valuable Santa's time becomes. Rates below are a starting point.

A short enthusiastic visit of 20 minutes starts at $100. Longer visits to homes, businesses and parties start at $175 for the first hour and $100 for every hour after.

Fill out the Inquiry Form to put your request at the top of Santa's list. Santa will give preference to visits to homes or locations that are in San Gabriel Valley, California and UCLA/West Los Angeles during weekdays.


The Fly-By
SURPRISE! - Santa will arrive in a flourish of bells and jolliness to speak to guests/children about their wish list. Santa might inspect entry points (chimney, window etc) and decorations.  Santa may hand out treats/candy canes. Have your camera ready to take precious photos and a family/group picture to prove he was there in person! This is a fast fly-by with no time to waste, so off he will rush to complete his holiday preparations.

Midnight Commotion
When a sleeping child awakes on Christmas Eve to hear Santa Claus putting gifts under the tree and eating the cookies left for him, you might want to let your little one sneak down the hall to take a peak.  A quiet interaction may follow until Santa requests the child go back to bed so he can finish his job.  A memory your family will NEVER forget!

Santa Claus…The Official Pre-Visit
Santa is ready to make a pre-visit inspection of your home and your family/guests. He can inspect the decorations and the holiday prepartion. Santa can spend time with each family member or guest. He can converse with each child personally. Parents may take all the photos they want...or they can request William Cole Photography to be present to capture portraits. If Mrs. Claus is along for the fun, she will help lead Christmas Carols. Santa can also suggest some fun Reindeer Games. Then he will rush off to complete the holiday preparations.

Santa’s Feast with Family

Santa needs a big rest from all the Christmas preparation at the North Pole. Enjoy some special time with Santa and be the ONLY household on your block to have Santa share a meal at your home. It’s always nice for Santa to take off his coat and stay awhile - comfortable in his workshop garb. Santa can spend some quality time with each child to talk about the holiday season and what makes Christmas special for your family. He will review his long list of names to check it twice. He will read a favorite holiday story, help the family decorate cookies and could lead a family sing-a-long.

The Party from the North Pole
The entire Claus Family will bring the party to you. Teamed with our friends from “Dream Come True Entertainment”, Santa and company will bring the party to your home with everything a true Christmas party participant would anticipate…, photos, games, face-painting, fun.

Neat things to add
Make sure to check out the Additional Features. Gather everyone at the window to see Santa pull up in his 1929 Model AA Ford North Pole Stable Truck with sleigh on the back (weather permitting). Help Santa with a preflight checklist on his beautiful sleigh.

Gift Giving
You may request Santa to distribute individual gifts on his visit – but we hope you will reconsider.  Santa would like to keep the appearance that his real visit...with real gifts...will occur on Christmas Eve.  In the spirit of the season he would be a happy animated onlooker to a gift exchange if you so desire.


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